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About Us


Legacy Premium Food Storage is the first and only company to take emergency food storage preparation to a gourmet standard. In partnership with the White family that introduced the world to Bear Creek Soups and Sawyers Premium, Legacy Premium was developed to bring superior tastes and ingredients to emergency food supply. Imagine what over 20 years of experience creating the finest prepared soups and chili mixes can do in developing the tastes and flavors for food storage entrées, soups, and sides.


In doing dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage reviews, both internally and among consumers, our research indicated one major flaw, the Taste! Meaning, although it served its purpose for being prepared for disaster, the general public didn’t feel like there was a food storage product in the market that really tasted great. Legacy Premium decided it was time to develop a quality product that a family might purchase off the shelf at the grocery store and eat for dinner. What family wouldn’t want a product that not only gave them the nutrients necessary in an emergency, but was also something that tasted like it came from a fancy restaurant?


Legacy Premium not only provides gourmet tastes and the finest of ingredients, but it also provides the most affordable, dependable, and simple solution for food storage. Where many companies will gouge you on the price, we are the low-cost leaders in the food storage world. Our meals are sealed in Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and flushed with nitrogen so they will retain nutritional values and flavors for up to 25 years. The pouches are contained in re-sealable plastic buckets that are easy to stack for convenient storage, simple to carry, weigh less than 40 pounds, and great to grab on your way out the door in any emergency situation.


Since we cannot know when a disaster may come or we may need to live off of our food supply, prepare yourself with Legacy Premium Food Storage. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are ready for any situation and have gourmet tasting meals, prepared by adding water, from the makers of one of the most trusted brands in prepared food mixes.

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